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We help Alzheimer’s patients stay at home

Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia are an unavoidable fact of life for many of us as we move into our later years. For those of us who make it to age 85, there is nearly a 50–50 chance we will suffer from Alzheimer’s; if we have complicating factors such as diabetes, the likelihood […]Continue Reading

A Stay at Home consultation helps you make the right choices

So your elderly mother wants to stay at home, but she can no longer drive, cook, or do the housework. You and your siblings have stressful jobs and demanding family lives, and you may or may not live within driving distance. So you bring someone in to help out. Simple, no? No, indeed! The decision […]Continue Reading

We’re the best at keeping seniors happily at home

There are many choices you must make when a loved one needs help with the challenges of day-to-day living—choices not only about which service or facility to use, but also about which type of service or facility. We reviewed in an earlier post the types of help that are available when your elderly mother or […]Continue Reading

Choosing an in-home care provider: Here’s what to look for

There are many reasons to seek help from a companion care service when your loved one needs support at home. The biggest one, of course, is that you simply can’t do it yourself. Maybe you live too far away. Maybe your work and family life take up too much time. Maybe you’re physically unable to […]Continue Reading

What happens to your mom or dad after they fall?

So your elderly parent took a fall and went into the hospital. What comes next? There’s nothing we would like more than to assure you they’ll come home and get right back to life as they knew it, but that’s not how it usually works. Falls and other accidents are harder on the elderly than […]Continue Reading

We help keep discharged patients out of the hospital

If you’re a hospital administrator getting ready to release an elderly patient, then you’re asking yourself a very serious question: How do we ensure that the patient will be OK once they get home? While every case is different and every patient unique, there are general questions that will help you decide what kind of […]Continue Reading

Stay at Home helps provide end-of-life care

We hope to have a long relationship with our clients at Stay at Home, but sometimes that’s just not in the cards. Betty George of Sevierville, Tennessee, had lived a joyful, active 86 years when she was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor. The doctors said she had at most three months to live. Betty […]Continue Reading

Let Stay at Home be Your Taxi Service

We call ourselves Stay at Home, but for one Tennessee couple the service might be called “Get Out of the House.” We’ll call them John and Mary. He’s pushing 90. We’re not going to say how old she is. John and Mary live in an assisted living facility that takes care of most all of […]Continue Reading

Stay at Home can help minimize hospital readmissions

So your mom or dad is being released from the hospital. In a very real sense, now is when the hard work begins. They could go into a nursing home, a rehabilitation center, or an assisted living facility, but what they want is to go home. Unfortunately, they’re in no position to take care of […]Continue Reading

Falls and the elderly – what we can do

Falls are a real hazard for senior citizens, but here’s the good news: They can be prevented. Risks can be minimized, and hazards can be eliminated. Recently we discussed the factors—intrinsic, extrinsic and situational—that increase fall risks for the elderly. As it turns out, there is an antidote for each. For example, To combat the […]Continue Reading

Each Stay At Home franchise is independently owned and operated. Each franchise location provides companion and homemaker services in accordance with applicable state regulations. Since licensing requirements may vary by state, not all locations offer personal care services. Stay at Home is committed to providing Compassionate and Dependable Care® to those we serve. Please check with the location nearest you to determine how we can help meet your needs.